Our Mission

Blue Plane is a non-profit research group funded by OSOCO for long-term thinking and working about software challenges. There are many ways to improve things a little. But to achieve a fundamental jump in our programming capacity, we need to rethink what we are doing from the beginning.

Our mission is to incubate R&D projects moving forward a paradigm shift to redefine the nature of software development and contributing to the human intellect augmentation as envisioned by Doug Engelbart.

Our current approach to the problem is heavily influenced by the work of Doug Engelbart (NLS), Ivan Sutherland (Sketchpad), Alan Kay (Dynabook and Smalltalk), Seymour Papert (Logo), Bret Victor (Dynamicland), the Pharo community, Tudor Gîrba (Glamorous Toolkit), and others.


  • Logotipo de DynaClassroom